International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is a comprehensive and intensive academic programme to prepare the students for the final examinations in the last two years of high school. After the assessments of IBO, well-motivated students, who provide the official requirements, have an IB diploma. As a symbol of the reliability and intelligence, the programme was put into practice in 1970. The central office of the organization was established in Geneva and there are regional offices of the organization in New York, Buenos Aires and Singapore. Besides, the centre of the programme-assessment office is in Cardiff. The programme is offered in English, French or Spanish. All courses given in 11th and 12th grades included in the National Curriculum are also taught within the IB classes. IB students are examined and assessed by IBO. The international standards are executed equally in all IBDP schools and colleges over the world and the success of the IBDP students are evaluated preciously. Obtaining the IB diploma, apart from the high school diploma, provides students with facilities to be accepted by leading universities and to promote their career development because it has prestigious universal acceptance.

      IB not only enables students to have a position in the intercultural world but it also has the potential to provide the opportunities such as being accepted by the universities and developing a career. To make a balance between knowledge and human values, education for life, meaningful learning aiming at the real world, interactive learning and critical thinking are among the aims of IB.